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About Season 4 Main Theme

My recent mention of the CD1 tracklist changes sprouted several discussions about the "continued" omission of Season 4 main theme.

I'm not a big fan of neither Season 4 nor its incarnation of the Airwolf Main Theme, and neither is Mark. But that has nothing to do with the omission: "Season 4 Main Theme" has been on Mark's "Airwolf Themes Sequel Album" tracklist since the early 2000s (March 29th, 2004 to be exact) and then on mine since 2006, when I officially joined the project. We scrapped it the instant the Season 4 Main Theme was publicly released in March 2010 in its original form and in stereo. The track (pre-production number 09) was already a "work in progress" at that time (my first and only mockup was done in 2007).

This is a lesson learned from Jean Michel Jarre cover scene that I used to be active on a couple of years ago: no matter how perfect your replica cover is - people will ALWAYS go for the original provided it's available. In case of Season 4 Main Theme - it is, and there is simply no added value (neither for me nor for you) in recreating it. It makes, however, perfect sense to avoid redundancy and use those 3-4 minutes to make room for other, unreleased yet, music.

Wouldn't you agree?

The official Season 4 Main Theme can be purchased via Amazon.


  1. I politely don't agree because I don't see it as being the same thing. You guys are recreating Airwolf EXTENDED Themes. Customized cover versions of songs that were never fully realized in that form in the original series. The exact same situation exists for Season 4. Nothing is different at all between it and Seasons 1-3.

    The Season 4 Main Theme has not been released in it's traditional format. The ending theme to "Blackjack" & "Escape" has been released. Nothing more. The Dan Milner composed stuff is still lost in the Airwolf soundtrack world, not recreated, not properly realized. Where's the "Salvage" ending theme? The extended versions of the Season 4 Main Theme from "Stavograd", "Ground Zero" and/or "The Golden One?

    These have not been released, no different than what you are creating right now for the CBS series. It would be like Sylvester Levay releasing the end theme from "Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n" & "Bite of the Jackal" from Season 1, and you guys scrapping the entire project because the Season 1 Main Theme was 'officially released'.

    I understand the production is different, I understand you guys aren't nuts about it, but I didn't think much of it's omission when the track list was lesser numbered. Them more tracks got added. Then more, multiple tracks from the "Pilot" (one episode mind you), then suddenly there's a slew of Bonus Tracks, all of which will not be the Season 4 Main Theme.

    Why does any of this mean anything? Probably because the Season 4 Main Theme is actually a VERY popular version of the Main Theme by the fans and has been requested since the original Airwolf Themes release.

    I'm not saying anything beyond ONE Season 4 EXTENDED Main Theme should exist, but when you've got 20 tracks on the album, and one of the most popular versions of the main theme is STILL missing, it's even more glaring. It just is.

    Being a true extended representation of the Season 4 Main Theme has yet to be released, a complete version does NOT exist in an official format, and CD1 on the sequel is up to 20 tracks, with one hole where it could be placed... I don't see why one extended track representing Season 4 could not be placed there. It's a true completists Airwolf Main Theme album, and it's something that will make the album fuller, regardless of production.

    Now if you're gonna just redo the Rick Patterson theme that already exists, then don't bother -- I totally agree. It would need to be something that is an extended version that blends the Patterson/Milner pieces, like the "Salvage" End Credits, with the extended length end credits that appeared in the second half of Season 4.

    With all due respect, that's just how I see it. Especially with the added track list now, and just fyi, added tracks is always a good thing. I just think it's still missing one key element.


  2. Exclusion of season 4 theme doesn't really bother me as much since it didn't have many variations and season 4 barely had any unique episodic themes. It's good not terrific in my opinion, but I do understand what you're saying as a completist. Although I also understand what Mark and Jan are saying.

    Although, if I had to say something was missing, its just better recreation of Sinjin's and Gabrielle's theme from Echoes. The only good part of original release of those themes was the use orchestral instruments for part of them. The rest didn't sound like the original. I do love them on their own, just that I was hoping you guys would tackle them as how they were presented in the episode itself such as the helicopter crash,bedroom & video room suite of sorts for Sinjin's theme.

  3. SJH, I can assure you that had, for instance, Season 3 Main Theme been officially released in its entirety during the production period I'd scrap my version instantly. That was the rule I set in the early days of the album.

    I don't really get the "multiple tracks from the "Pilot" (one episode mind you)" argument - all Pilot versions of the Main Theme are unique and have virtually never resurfaced in any subsequent episodes (except for the finale, parts of which were reused in DGAH aerial). The goal of this album (this CD to be exact) is to provide as many variations of the Main Theme as possible, no matter if even 95% of them comes from one episode (Pilot should perhaps actually count as two...)


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