Monday, 31 December 2012

"String? It's done." - CD1 content finished

Good news, everyone! I have just finished my last tweaks of all CD1 tracks. Therefore as of today CD1 material is done and I'm pleased to announce the official CD1 tracklist with proper tracknames, durations and target track order. I ended up with 22 tracks and exactly 73 minutes of music. And, I also managed to finish before the end of 2012 ;)

LINN-drum roll...

What's new?

As you may remember, in one of my previous posts ("Big CD1 tracklist changes") I mentioned that there will be a couple of additions to the pre-production tracklist. Here they are:

05 23 [00:58.50] Season 1 - Slow main theme Sly
08 20 [00:33.00] Season 2 - 'SWEET BRITCHES' teaser Ian
11 21 [00:32.00] Season 2 - 'SWEET BRITCHES' epilogue - Tribute to Ernest Borgnine Ian
12 19 [00:27.60] Season 1 - Closing Sly
13 17 [00:35.00] Season 2 - 'FIRESTORM' teaser Ian
20 22 [00:48.00] Pilot - Closing Sly

Also, 'SWEET BRITCHES'/'FIRESTORM' track (pre-prod #02) is now split among two tracks:

09 02 [00:42.20] Season 2 - 'SWEET BRITCHES'/'FIRESTORM' Intro Ian
10 02 [04:11.35] Season 2 - 'SWEET BRITCHES'/'FIRESTORM' (extended) - Tribute to Lance LeGault Ian


  • a bunch of Ian Freebairn-Smith tracks
  • a couple of wishes (from forums, facebook and this blog comments) granted
  • one track that was clearly a major omission

What got booted?

Track pre-prod# 07 got booted. It was very similar to other material already on CD1 and was not original enough to stand on its own - some of the elements that were originally planned for it that would have made it otherwise unique ended up in different tracks (track pre-prod#10 for instance - to be previewed soon). So, as noted earlier - not a big loss. Fun fact: you can hear short snippets of track 07 underneath "Next on" voiceovers that were voiced by Deborah Pratt.

A standalone Pilot episode teaser also didn't make it.

Track order

We decided to go with a more-or-less "linear" flow and tracks appear in order of their appearance in the show, with a couple of obvious exceptions (the orchestral suite and Pilot closing themes). Minor alterations are still considered (because of that I'll be still using pre-production track numbers in forthcoming posts to avoid potential confusion when the order changes).

What else?

All of the tracks from Airwolf Main Themes EP have been partially re-recorded, remixed and remastered for this release.

What's next?

Mark is still busy finishing his CD2. When that's done there's still lots of logistics and paperwork to cover. I'll try to ease your waiting - there's still a plenty of CD1 material that hasn't been previewed yet.

Stay tuned for more and Happy New 2013, which will be a big year for Airwolf.


  1. O please tell me that slow main theme is that pondering music of Hawke's from One Way Express ^_^! I am sure it is! :D

  2. I originally missed it but just caught that part about Pilot teaser. Jan anyway you could just let us have it please? It was the most requested theme of mine as you may remember, really want to listen to it without the dialogue. Could you do it please? Or see if it can still make the cut? :(

  3. Yes, that's the one. Don't worry about Pilot teaser - read between the lines!

  4. "Standalone" You merged it with Journey to Red Star Tv version!!! :D
    So you're basically giving us all variations of the teasers! That's amazing of you Jan! ^_^

  5. Correct. However, the teaser was there from the very beginning (the track time was always around 4:30). We wanted to put a standalone version before "Journey to Red Star (TV)", but ultimately we didn't because:
    - it would be too repetitive having these tracks back to back
    - "Journey" works much better as album opening
    - ran out of space!

    Re: all variations of the teaser - not exactly. The prevalent version (from "Moffett's Ghost" onwards, except "The Hunted" and "Fallen Angel") is not on the album. "Firestorm" teaser comes close, but it's Ian Freebairn-Smith's version (different sounds, two beats longer and no snare drum/tambourine)

  6. i'm Derek i'm interrest in Buying the CD Set How much will it Be All Together Can you Reply on that.?

    1. Hi Derek, sorry for the late reply. The set will be priced at approx. 30 GBP. Keep checking and our facebook profile for updates.