Sunday, 17 June 2012

A teaser

For those wondering as to why there were no updates lately - put simply I've been swamped over at my daytime job, but the work on Airwolf Themes continues (albeit at a slower pace). There are two tracks left for me to complete (Sweet Britches/Firestorm and Season 3 Main Theme) plus transcription of the Orchestral Main Theme which will be then recorded at Einstein. Our plan is to put a final seal on CD1 material within two months.

Anyway, here's a little teaser (literally) to keep you busy:

Have your Airwolf DVDs handy, as it goes better with video (which we couldn't use due to copyright) - you'll get the idea once you hear it.



  1. O_O!!! OMG You guys did it ! Thank you so soo soo much for this. I remember requesting this piece from you Jan and you telling me it couldn't be done.....this is a SURPRISE! ^^

    It sounds sweeeet!!!

    1. Well, that does prove my dedication, doesn't it... ;)

      I originally rejected it, because the source material is very poor (due to voice-over and sound effects) and would have required a lot guesswork. But the temptation was irresistible.

    2. It sure does. You're a genius. To do this using just your ear and guesswork, really says a lot about your skills! Alright, you made my day! ^^ Thanks soooo much for it!

      On side note, any chance for this without dialogue? :D

  2. Looking at your blog - I have season 2 & 3 thru Amazon; Given that I'd say you're nothing short of what a prefessional would hold off ON...!

  3. Any chance that this would be on you cd?


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