Sunday, 5 February 2012

Track 12 - sneak peek

As promised earlier this week - two teasers of track 12. For more information about this track see this post: Track 12 finished.

Opening theme segment based on the off-air version with additional slap bass:

And one of the very few Main Theme versions that was originally arranged with a saxophone:

Enjoy! And check back soon for another progress report.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Track 12 finished

Woah, it's been a while since my last post. I updated the CD1 pre-production tracklist a week ago though and I actually wanted to blog about this, but instead - I didn't. The update to the track-list was due because Track 12 has been completed. As you can see it no longer bears the "remix" label, which was a kind of a failsafe - I had doubts if I'd be able to recreate the orchestral brass, live "tea towel" drum kit (pioneered by the Beatles), the funky slap bass and the growling tenor saxamaphone from "Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n" ending credits. In case I wouldn't I'd just put a "remix" stamp on it and pretend it was by design... ;), however the final result exceeded my expectations.

Track 12 is very unique compared to other variations found on CD1. It's the only one that contains neither of the bridges ("descending" and "ascending", that is). So, what's in it, then?

  • Season 1 opening theme (with slap bass riffs found in the off-air version)
  • Bite of the Jackal minimalist ending credits
  • Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n ending credits
  • Generic Season 1 closing theme (e.g. Proof Through The Night)
  • And a real gem: ULTRA-RARE finale aerial from alternate version of Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n episode.
Are you excited yet? I'll try to get a preview up before the end of this week. Keep checking back.

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