CD1 pre-production tracklist


Tracklist valid as of 29.12.2012 

- This Tracklist is liable to change in Engineering during the production period.
- We reserve the right to completely pull tracks if they don't make it out the other side of Engineering and we're not entirely happy with them.
- Track times (and even Track Names) are also likely to change between Pre-production estimates and final master. 
- The tracks are listed in our internal mockup order, which does NOT represent the order of the tracks on the final album.
- Legend: currently in progress, done,  started,  not started

012nd/3rd Season Closing Main Theme (extended) Sly (6:00) (2012 Remastered and different from Main Themes EP)
022nd Season Aerial – 'SWEET BRITCHES' / 'FIRESTORM' Aerials Ian (4:53) [preview 1] [preview 2] [preview 3]
032nd Season Aerial – 'FALLEN ANGEL' / 'HX1' Sly (5:00) (2012 Remastered and different from Main Themes EP)
041st Season Synth Theme Sly (6:35) (2012 Remastered and different from Main Themes EP)
051st Season Synth + Orchestral incl. 'PILOT' - Journey to Red Star (Movie version) / 'EAGLES' Aerial Sly (3:40) [preview 1]
06Minimalist Theme incl. Red Star Test Run (Movie version)  Sly (6:12) (2012 Remastered and different from Main Themes EP)
072nd Season Aerial Theme Sly (4:25)
08'PILOT' - Journey To Red Star (TV Version) Sly (4:25) [preview 1]
09**Omitted (kept for internal pre-production consistency use only)
102nd/3rd Season – Main Theme (Udi Harpaz mix) Udi (6:05)
 113rd Season Aerial Theme (extended) Sly (4:13) [preview 1] [preview 2]
121st Season Opening Theme (extended) Sly (4:41) [preview 1] [preview 2]
13[*BONUS TRACK*] 3rd Season Alternate Remix  Sly (4:41)
14'PILOT' - Main Orchestral Theme incl. "Gabrielle’s Theme" Sly (5:16) [preview 1]
15[*BONUS TRACK*] 2nd/3rd Season Closing Theme (regular length) Sly (3:25)
16'PILOT' - Kafir + Red Star Test Run  Sly (3:25) (Working title) [preview 1] [preview 2]
17'FIRESTORM' teaser  Ian (0:36)
181st Season Teaser  Sly (0:35)
191st Season Closing Theme  Sly (0:27)
20'SWEET BRITCHES' teaser  Ian (0:32)
21'SWEET BRITCHES' epilogue  Ian (0:32)
 22'PILOT' Closing Theme  Sly (0:48)
 23 – 1st Season Slow Main Theme  Sly (0:58)

Total Length (Confirmed): 73:30
Total Length (Unconfirmed): 0:00

Total Length (Both): 73:30

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