Thursday, 27 March 2014

Airwolf Extended Themes officially released!

As of March 26th the limited edition 2CD album "Airwolf Extended Themes" is available for purchase on It was a long road: almost 8 years of development... and almost 20 years of conceiving. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Jan,

    I had a question about the Daddy's Gone Huntn Rare track. In the original there are stroke of keys that are played once the music takes off as the kid gets in Airwolf. They play at regular intervals. I'm wondering why aren't they present in your recording, was it a creative decision?


  2. Hi Jaff,

    Yes, the omission is intended and it was a creative decision. While the xylophone/woodwind riffs were an interesting addition, I felt that they don't really fit the theme (and the show in general).


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