Sunday, 25 November 2012

About Season 4 Main Theme

My recent mention of the CD1 tracklist changes sprouted several discussions about the "continued" omission of Season 4 main theme.

I'm not a big fan of neither Season 4 nor its incarnation of the Airwolf Main Theme, and neither is Mark. But that has nothing to do with the omission: "Season 4 Main Theme" has been on Mark's "Airwolf Themes Sequel Album" tracklist since the early 2000s (March 29th, 2004 to be exact) and then on mine since 2006, when I officially joined the project. We scrapped it the instant the Season 4 Main Theme was publicly released in March 2010 in its original form and in stereo. The track (pre-production number 09) was already a "work in progress" at that time (my first and only mockup was done in 2007).

This is a lesson learned from Jean Michel Jarre cover scene that I used to be active on a couple of years ago: no matter how perfect your replica cover is - people will ALWAYS go for the original provided it's available. In case of Season 4 Main Theme - it is, and there is simply no added value (neither for me nor for you) in recreating it. It makes, however, perfect sense to avoid redundancy and use those 3-4 minutes to make room for other, unreleased yet, music.

Wouldn't you agree?

The official Season 4 Main Theme can be purchased via Amazon.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Big CD1 tracklist changes

As you might have already read between the lines of one of Mark's latest posts over at his blog, CD1 tracklist has undergone some serious changes, the most important being the track count. If you remember the tracklist you'll know that there were 16 tracks (numbered 01-17 without 09). I'm proud to announce that CD1 has just passed the 20 track mark and will contain (as of today) 22 (that's TWENTY TWO) tracks. That's over twenty variations of the Main Theme. Our strategy concerning taking the wraps off those secret new tracks is not yet defined, but let me just give you a hint what these new tracks DO NOT include:
  • Season 4 Theme
  • Season 2 Opening Theme(s)
  • "Birds of Paradise" aerial
Also, one of the tracks from the pre-production list has been scrapped.

We are also almost done with the final ordering of CD1 tracks (auditions pending) - it will be nothing like the current pre-production list. The new order will also explain the presence of some of the yet unannounced material.

Stay tuned.

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