Sunday, 1 April 2012

Never underestimate any of your tools

UPDATE (8.04.2012): Check out Mark's post about 'MIND OF THE MACHINE' teaser for a detailed information on the track.

A couple of days ago Mark asked me if I could help him recreate a sound effect for his "Mind of the Machine" rendition. The sound effect appears just before Winchester realizes that Airwolf carries its own design specs - aka "Dr. Winchester realization moment".

The sound effect comprises of a short digital "whoosh" followed by a couple of repeated "whoop" sounds.

The whoop sounds were pretty straightforward - they required a synthesizer with a rather precise LFO and I recreated them using my trustworthy Yamaha AN1x. The "whoosh" sound, however, was a different story. At first glimpse it sounds like a pretty simple white noise with opening LPF filter. That was, however, not the case. I knew I heard this sound somewhere. I decided to pull out a piece of hardware from another era...

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