Friday, 9 December 2011

Track 16 - "Red Star Test Run" sneak peek

As promised earlier this week here comes another preview of CD1's track 16: 'PILOT' - Kafir + Red Star Test Run (TV Version). This time we're previewing a part that is not as widely recognized as the "Kafir" part: the Red Star Test Run ("We're being radar scanned") from CBS TV version, which is an early and quite unique version of the Ascending Bridge of the main theme. This is the only version (well, the only one known to us!) of the Ascending Bridge that features Levay's trademark running arpeggiator sequence.

FYI: this segment was originally planned to be a part of track 08; it fitted very well "semantically" (as they are both Red Star) but it didn't fit "musically": the tempo was different (approx. 5 BPM faster), the arpeggiator sound was different, track 08 had drums; luckily both tempo, arp sound and "drumless" character matched "Kafir" segment perfectly and track 16 came to fruition.


Monday, 5 December 2011

Track 16 - "Kafir" segment sneak peek

As promised, the first preview of track 16, 'PILOT' - Kafir + Red Star Test Run (TV version) goes public! Much like the preview of track 08 it's done in the 1984 vs 2011 style. First I'm showing you the "Lift. Your visor" segment. Wait no more:

Up next: "We're being radar scanned" segment. Keep checking back this week.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Track 16 finished - preview coming

Welcome back. Today marks another milestone for CD1 - the extra track 16 that is a byproduct of track 08 has been finished. Therefore we managed to squeeze another added track, bumping the total track count of both CDs to 36. It has a name, too (subject to change, obviously):

'PILOT' - Kafir + Red Star Test Run (TV Version)

Ultimately the track timed at 3 minutes and 26 seconds. It includes the following bits:
  • Kafir Palace Raid ("Lift. Your visor"; includes extra 8 seconds from the movie version)
  • Red Star Test Run ("Airwolf, Red Star Control. You have a go"; TV version)  
  • Red Star Test Run ("We're being radar scanned"; TV version)
Preview(s) will come before end of this week. Keep checking back!

CD1 pre-production tracklist page

The CD1 pre-production tracklist has its own page now; it will be updated as the project progresses.

More info on the recently updated track 16 in the next post.

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