Thursday, 1 December 2011

Track 16 finished - preview coming

Welcome back. Today marks another milestone for CD1 - the extra track 16 that is a byproduct of track 08 has been finished. Therefore we managed to squeeze another added track, bumping the total track count of both CDs to 36. It has a name, too (subject to change, obviously):

'PILOT' - Kafir + Red Star Test Run (TV Version)

Ultimately the track timed at 3 minutes and 26 seconds. It includes the following bits:
  • Kafir Palace Raid ("Lift. Your visor"; includes extra 8 seconds from the movie version)
  • Red Star Test Run ("Airwolf, Red Star Control. You have a go"; TV version)  
  • Red Star Test Run ("We're being radar scanned"; TV version)
Preview(s) will come before end of this week. Keep checking back!

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