Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Big CD1 tracklist changes

As you might have already read between the lines of one of Mark's latest posts over at his blog, CD1 tracklist has undergone some serious changes, the most important being the track count. If you remember the tracklist you'll know that there were 16 tracks (numbered 01-17 without 09). I'm proud to announce that CD1 has just passed the 20 track mark and will contain (as of today) 22 (that's TWENTY TWO) tracks. That's over twenty variations of the Main Theme. Our strategy concerning taking the wraps off those secret new tracks is not yet defined, but let me just give you a hint what these new tracks DO NOT include:
  • Season 4 Theme
  • Season 2 Opening Theme(s)
  • "Birds of Paradise" aerial
Also, one of the tracks from the pre-production list has been scrapped.

We are also almost done with the final ordering of CD1 tracks (auditions pending) - it will be nothing like the current pre-production list. The new order will also explain the presence of some of the yet unannounced material.

Stay tuned.


  1. You guys sure have a habit of creating explosive announcements!! :D

    Season 4 exclusion isn't a huge matter for me, though it'd have been appreciated since I personally don't consider it a bad tune. Now Birds aerial was utterly awful, but that's just me, so no loss there.

    For those secret tunes, I'm sure you have the Lair theme down ;). It'd make the whole thing complete in my opinion. The others might possibly be the contemplative theme from One Way Express, and maybe Echoes Aerial which I love so much ^_^. I'm leaning towards Gabrielle's theme and Sinjin's theme too (from Echoes) but I sort of doubt it. I can't guess anymore unless you've included variations from Bite of Jackal last battle bit.

    However, if I may ask, what did you remove from pre-production list?

  2. - Gabrielle's Theme etc. are not "Main Theme" material, so no.
    - No Echoes aerial either (although the orchestral bits from the Echoes aerial are present in track pre-prod #05 - "Synth + Orchestra")

    There is still a plenty of Main Theme variations that you haven't mentioned!

    I'm not sure if I want to reveal the removal just yet, but it will not be a significant loss to the album (esp. given that this track will be replaced with more diversfied material!)

  3. I'm glad to know you didn't remove the trailer theme going by your list. It might be small, but its very important to me :)

    Well lets see other variations: Short Walk to Freedom & Firestorm (those earlier bits before final battle, like in test flight). There are others I know, though they seem too small in their lengths I'm not sure if you've included them.

    I hope you reveal them soon with more demo bits :)

  4. My guess is the album will be seperated from the Pilot music and the rest of the series. Basically scoring the entire Pilot's main theme stuff. They were already headed there anyways.

    I still think the Season 4 omission, on a 22 track Main Theme album, for a popular rendition of the main theme, is still glaring. Other than that, I do agree Birds of Paradise & Season 2 Opening can be skipped. Not poignant or (in)famous enough in S4's case.

  5. St. John Hawke: the fact is that Season 4 Main Theme is available elsewhere. In its ORIGINAL form (not a cover/replica recreation) and in stereo. There's simply no added value in recreating it. With that in mind it makes much more sense to fill these four minutes (that would be otherwise allocated for S4 theme) with other, yet unreleased material. Wouldn't you agree?


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