Wednesday, 2 November 2011

God in heaven

Spent the last 7 hours (had to stop having remembered that I have to be in the office in less than 6 hours) crunching the notes of the arpeggiator sequences in "Kafir Palace Raid" music (you can hear the original version here) and, incidentally, I can also summarize this with: "God in heaven..."

The thing about these sequences is that they are pretty much... completely random, much like the sequences in Red Star version of the Main Theme, which means I have to go through the entire piece to get them right (which is not the case with other Main Theme versions, where everything is repetitive - phew!). This is especially difficult when there's lots of sound effects and/or dialogue on top of the music.

Luckily we have two versions of the Pilot episode (TV and movie) and the editing of "Kafir Palace Raid" is slightly different (the movie version is actually eight seconds longer). Thanks to that I was able to recover some parts that were not audible in the TV version from the movie version and vice versa.

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