Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Airwolf Main Theme Orchestral Suite - The Holy Grail - sneak peek

At long last. After a slight delay (I was distracted yesterday by some other Mach 1+ flying object) I give you a preview of the Airwolf Main Theme (Orchestral Suite), aka "The Holy Grail" of Airwolf Themes. For those who just tuned in - that's the Gabrielle's death + Moffett Sand Dune Chase segment from the pilot episode, including one minute of yet undisclosed extra music material. There was a discussion below the last post about what it could possibly be and needless to say some of the guesses were very interesting!

That "couple of tweaks" that I mentioned in my last post turned into way over fifteen (yesterday) and then additional six (this afternoon). Fun fact: in case of this track I frequently audition my latest changes together with the original video from the episode. Anyway, this little delay came out for good after all. Here we go. This. Is. It.

Go easy on me! Enjoy.

The extra minute is not in this preview yet.


  1. Whoa! Didn't expect it to be this good. For some reason, it sounds little different than original, maybe cause its clearer (?) Im not sure. But definitely, this is amazing!

    1. I think it's because it lacks the rumble in places
      (from moffets jeep engine) which almost embellished it like an Element

  2. Even if I had a full-blown symphonic orchestra at my disposal I still wouldn't be able to match the original performance. Regarding the "clarity": certainly this version has better definition than the original: 1. it's in stereo; 2. it's a pristine digital copy, not something compressed for TV broadcast; 3. it's not covered with fx.

  3. That it does ^_^
    So holiday release is looking likely then? :D

  4. Wish it was that simple. Not sure. Between finalizing the mixes (for me that's end of October - looking more likely than any deadline in the past) and releasing there's still tons of paperwork and logistics to carry out. I'll try to keep you entertained during this period (there's still some material to be shown!)

  5. Lots of it eh? :)
    And please, reveal the mystery of those extra seconds! ^_^ Or some clue? As in, whether or not its main theme piece, or something else?

  6. Anyways Jan,

    Just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work. It really is appreciated :)

    You and Mark....all the best to you both!

  7. Sounds pretty good to me Jan!

    You all are doing simply AMAZING work. Recreating and enriching what an entire production company put together, and in my mind, picking up the ball that Universal absolutely DROPPED, in terms of one of the more amazing and unique television series ever to make it to broadcast media... is nothing short of astounding!

    I have to think that guys like Don Bellisario and Sylvester Levay are smiling somewhere and realizing that they really did something right if fans are rising up to keep the magic they created alive for people to enjoy.

  8. It sounds really great!

    The Gabrielle's Theme is very good but is missing something to remarkably distinguish itself from the first release of the Airwolf Soundtracks, but looking forward in hearing the full version.

    I have been looking for ages for the version of the Airwolf Theme used in the episode Daddy's Gone A Huntin' where Dom rescues the young boy and was hoping it would be a part of this collection.

    To my great surprise it was part of the preview and sounded many times better than I remembered it from the TV Episode :-)

    The music is sounding crystal clear and better than ever, and I can't wait until listening to the tracks in their full length when they are released! :-)

  9. Aeries, thanks for your comments. Please note that the Gabrielle's Theme from the original AWT album is Sylvester's REINTERPRETATION of the theme, while this one is note-for-note perfect (99.9%...) replica of the original version from the Pilot episode complete with the transition (also in this preview) to the Main Theme.

    The part from DGAH you were looking after is indeed in place, as DGAH reused the exact same recording from the Pilot episode. Except for some very rare version of DGAH episode, where the music was different (a minimalist version of the Season 1 opening/closing credits) - needless to say, this unique version will be also featured on our upcoming album (track 12, see CD1 pre-production tracklist).


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